Building Integrated Aquaculture: can holistic design increase system efficiencies and make indoor recirculating aquaculture more successful?

Two faculty members and a post-doctoral scholar at the University of Massachusetts, Dept. of Environmental Conservation introduce the concept of Building Integrated Aquaculture (BIAq), where aquaculture processes and building systems are treated holistically as a means to harness potential synergies that maximize energy efficiency and optimize operations. The research is a collaboration between fish ecologists and building engineers, who view sustainable indoor aquaculture production as a viable solution to ensuring food security, and to the overharvesting and degradation of aquatic habitats that are threatening wild fisheries.

Feature technical article by Simi Hoque (BCT), James Webb (FEC post-doctoral fellow), Andy Danylchuk (FEC).

ASHRAE Journal, Vol. 54, No. 2. Feb. 2012. Pp. 16-24.