Building with wood is building for the future

Contemporary wood architecture demonstrates ingenuity and new direction. In the quest for sustainable building materials, life-cycle analysis studies consistently show wood as having top environmental benefits: it is energy efficient in production and operation; it absorbs and stores the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide; and it is renewable, recyclable, and sustainable. As a result, wood is becoming a material of choice in award winning environmentally green structures as well as a prominent building material used in showcase projects at world expositions.

This two-day meeting will discuss and illustrate the latest innovations in wood architecture, engineering and construction. Topics include: contemporary wood architecture world-wide, wood and the environment, technological advances in green buildings, digital fabrication with wood and detailing of engineered wood products. A full day workshop by the American Wood Council on the design of Wood Frame Buildings is included. Speakers are from the United States, Canada and Europe.

Contact conference organizer Prof. Peggi Clouston if you have any questions regarding this event.

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