Starting soon, we will be offering a professional Master’s option in Green Building. At this point, this program is currently pending approval by the university senate. It will not be offered until approval is granted. In the meantime, feel free to inquire with us so that we can let you know when you can enroll.


Sustainable living is a vital issue on many people’s minds today. Mainstream public and politicians alike have resolved to reduce pollution and waste and reverse global warming. This is particularly true for those in the building industry, whose daily decisions have a critical impact on the health and well-being of the community and the environment.

Building accounts for approximately 40% of U.S. primary energy consumption
(USDOE 2004)

Green Building is a world-wide movement to create cleaner and more energy efficient buildings. From energy and water sustainability to recycling of dumpster debris, the potential impact of providing higher education in this field is tremendous.This non-thesis option in the Forest Resources Graduate Program will focus on professional training in environmentally responsible building practices.