Bob HastingsWe in BCT are always amazed at the wide range of jobs that our students land after graduation. And with 50-60 graduating students each year, this community of BCT alumni is certain to make an impact on the built environment through all of their great work. There is only one downside to graduation: Everyone goes their own way and after a year, even the UMass email won’t work anymore. How can alumni stay in touch then?

We have been pushing forward some initiatives to grow and maintain an active alumni community: We started a LinkedIn group, for example. In addition, this year we had a first combined alumni event with Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning (about our new building). What we needed, however, was a dedicated BCT alumnus who preferably works in the Boston area (so that BCT alumni in greater Boston can participate a little easier). I am very happy to announce today that we have found one!

Meet Bob Hastings, our new Alumni Community Manager! Bob graduated from BCT in 2011 and has been working at Next Step Living ever since. What excited us most about the start of his career was that he has proactively remained in contact with BCT and even organized other BCT alumni get togethers (at NSL), as evidenced by this photo.

Bob has very graciously offered to be BCT’s alumni liaison on our LinkedIn group and in the Boston area. He already has several ideas for getting people together, which he will unveil soon on that group.

I am finishing this post with two calls to action: One is for all BCT students and alumni to join our LinkedIn group and “Like” our Facebook page. That way, you can benefit from our great network and stay current with any BCT alumni events in Amherst, Boston, and maybe elsewhere. The other call is to use Bob and our communications platforms as a community resource and reach out to other BCT alumni with career advice, jobs, industry-talk, and ideas for get-togethers.

Any other information for alumni?

Glad you asked. We have some additional information on our Alumni page on this page: