For millenniums Architects have been designing beautiful geometries enhancing our public realm. For perhaps 50 years, to different degrees, Architects have been designing buildings that perform more and more efficiently, reducing both our climate impact and our energy costs.

Marrying the two strategies is not an easy task. Ted Sheridan, AIA, and Gregory Orwat (UMass Architecture Graduate) from Ryall Sheridan Architects presented a fabulous group of projects extracted from their firm’s portfolio; each demonstrating the real possibility of achieving the elegance of sophisticated architecture and the rigors of Passive House Standard within one geometry.


Tectonic Extremes of Passive House Design. Passive House design offers a radically efficient means for reducing the energy use of buildings of all types but it tends to constrain architectural form making. This does not need to be the case; with careful design considerations and use of advanced performance materials, architectural design can be spatially ambitious and articulated.


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