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Robert Malczyk, principal engineer of Vancouver-based firm Equilibrium Consulting, visited BCT last week to give a guest lecture on “Engineered Solutions in Wood”. His lecture was the second installment in this semester’s impromptu BCT lecture series “Building with Wood”, following Cassie Phillips of Weyerhaeuser.

Fifteen years of design excellence and over a thousand successful projects have established Equilibrium as a leader in wood engineering worldwide. Their unique ability to take on complex structural challenges and find elegant, innovative, yet efficient solutions is exemplified in projects like the Frank Gehry-designed Art Gallery of Toronto, the Raleigh-Durham Airport roof structure, and the forthcoming IDB building at UMass Amherst, which will arguably be the most advanced modern wood structure in the eastern US.

In reflecting upon the span of his own career, Robert not only gave career advice to the many students in attendance but also illustrated his firm’s work in a detail-rich, visually stunning, and often very humorous manner. To learn more about Equilibrium’s projects, follow the link at the bottom of this post.

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During the subsequent public design presentation where (left to right) Andrea Leers, Tom Chung (both Principals of Leers-Weinzapfel Associates) and Robert Malczyk (Principal of Equilibrium Consulting) explained the most recent plan iteration.