2014-10-15 09.35.49

Nic Clark, Managing Director of KLH UK joined BCT on October 15 to present KLH’s many projects worldwide in which they successfully used a new wood-based product, cross-laminated timber (CLT). Examples ranged from lowrise schools to residential buildings up to ten stories high. This lecture was the second installment in this semester’s impromptu BCT lecture series “Building with Wood”, following Robert Malczyk of Equilibrium Consulting.

KLH is the worldwide market-leading manufacturer of large-format glued laminated timber elements, especially Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) panel products. KLH and its subsidiary KLH UK has been involved in the construction of thousands of wood buildings, including the 8-story Stadthaus in London, UK and a recent 10-story apartment building in Melbourne, Australia.