NECLMP is a joint partnership of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters (28,000 union carpenters) and the over 1,500 Contractors who are signed to use union carpenters in New England. Through her work with the Carpenters, Lisa Clausen is a part of the Northeast Center of Tradeswomen Equity, a non-profit organization helping women find work in the construction trades. More info on NCTE can be found at

Ms. Clausen has worked for NECLMP for several years recruiting women and people of color to the field and working with owners of construction work to require diversity of their construction crews. She has also worked extensively on policy campaigns at the municipal levels that support the use of responsible contracting, diversity in construction, and protect against wage theft

Stephanie Stephens is a 3rd year carpenters apprentice in Local 336. Ms. Stephens grew up in the Springfield area, joined the army at seventeen and served for three years, including two combat deployments to the Middle East. Ms. Stephens is currently working here at UMass Amherst on the Student Union Renovations.


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