Giancarlo Tosi the Regional Manager of DADANCO offers a presentation on the use of radiant heating and cooling with active chilled beams.

Over the past 150, periodically, we have experienced significant mechanical system changes and introductions into our buildings. These systems delivered, what has become our rigorous expectation, for both occupant comfort and convenience. Central Heating, Indoor Plumbing, Electric Light, Ventilation, and of course Space Cooling. All have enormously improved our indoor experiences, the place where we spend 90% of our time. It has, of course, come at a cost. An acceptable financial one, but also one that was first not understood, but now of course is —the negative impact on our climate. Mr. Tosi’s presentation is about a revolutionary technology that is changing the way in which we cool our buildings while at the same time spectacularly reducing the energy usage of what is one of our principle building loads —Space Cooling.

Presentation Slides