For over two decades, Dan McNichol was the spokesperson for the largest, most complex highway construction project ever embarked upon in U.S. history: Boston’s Big Dig. McNichol, Journalist & Author discussed the management of this mega-public works project, and described its many civil engineering feats. This was a joint lecture with the Departments of Architecture and LARP.

Dan McNichol is a number-one bestselling author and an award-winning journalist. His published books, articles and thought-leadership papers focus on mega construction projects in the United States. He has worked in official capacities on three of the nation’s largest mega projects: The Big Dig, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, and  the California High Speed Rail Project. Over the past several years McNichol, while ENR’s national correspondent, circumnavigated the United States, exploring every type of its vital infrastructure. His tagline during the mega road trip was, “America’s infrastructure is as old, rusty and energy defunct as my 1949 Detroit lead-sled.” McNichol continues to write and advocate for the critical systems desperately needed in our era. 



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