Everyone wants to invent an easier, cheaper, higher quality way to build; and panelized or modularized construction looks like it has the potential to provide that dream. Unfortunately, like most inventions, it is not the idea that is powerful it is the details (and the people) that actually make it work. Panelized or modularized construction comes in hundreds of different forms and offers a lot of potential benefits, but it also has its difficulties. This is an attempt to clarify what the challenges are and what some of the current systems really offer.

Alison is currently a Project Manager, Energy Consultant and Assistant Structural Designer for Foard Panel. Alison is a certified energy geek with a specialty in Structural Insulated Panels and a passion for finding practical and sustainable solutions for building design problems. Alison lives in Keene, NH in a terribly inefficient 19th century brick apartment building and dreams of knowing enough to help build a “good enough” building.


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