BCT students have access to MS Project for installation on their own computers because BCT is a STEM program at UMass. Use the instructions below to get and install the software.


  1. Go to the UMass Azure Dev Tools for Teaching page to learn more about this program.
  2. Click on the Web Store link (or go to Azure Dev Tools) and use your @umass.edu email to sign in. Make sure you sign in with the UMass email and NOT with a personal account, which may happen if you were already logged into a Microsoft account. If you can’t log in with the UMass account, open this page in an incognito tab in your browser and log in from there.
  3. On the main page, click on “Software”, then search for “Project” and the link will show up as you can see below.
  4. When you click on the “Project Professional” link, a sidebar opens where you can then get your product ID and download the installer.
  5. Afterwards, just install the software.