BCT’s Class of 2024 graduating students and faculty
Of course we couldn’t just do a serious photo.

Please Note: This Building and Construction Technology graduation class photo is typically taken during commencement week and not all graduating students may have been present at that time. See below for a full listing.

Building and Construction Technology Program
2024 Graduating Class Listing

Alhalabi, Omar Mohammad
Ameen, Bradley Porter
Arrant, Dillon Angello
Atwood, Joshua Joseph
Biondo, Anna
Breyo, Grant Douglas
Cox, B. D.
Delvecchio, Julian
Dennison, Cameron T
Dobson, Joshua
Duncan, Travis J
Facey, Verol Richard
Foley, Noah Michael
Ghostlaw, Thomas Gray
Hanna, Amir
Jerszyk, Eric Todd
Kelly, Aidan P
Kirby, Karsyn Hannah
Knoth, Thomas Ji
Krooks, Jocelyn
Kubaska, Lucas Jenssen

Lawn, John Francis
McAuley, Brennan Chase
McCaldon, Zachary Neville
McCann, Kyle Robert
Medina Espinosa, Bryan
Mian, Zubair
Milne, Alexander John
Mogielnicki, Alec Jeffrey
Mullen, Edward William
Murphy, James Brien
Norberg, Joseph Patrick
O’Brien, Evan Joseph
O’Rourke, Caden Richard
O’leary, Shane Matthew
Pascoe, Alec Russell
Payson, Charles Robert
Perley, Connor Christian
Polutchko, Garrett Gabriel`
Porter, Cameron James
Pritchard, Forrest Tyler
Pullin, Oliver J

Reece, Anthony John
Robinson, Andrew Joseph
Roethke, Tyler Steven
Roy, Christopher Jacob
Saliga, Jason York
Salvatore, Cameron G
Santiago, Luis
Smethurst, Samuel Charles
Spear, Michael Anthony
Stapleton, Liam Philip
Tang, Brandon
Thach, John
Troutman, Joshua
Turnberg, Vanessa Ingrid
Vinciguerra, Anthony Michael
Zeleznik, Michael Robert

Graduate and Certificate Students

We had the pleasure to honor our graduate students at a small reception on Friday. See below for some images.

More Photos

We are posting our various commencement photos on Facebook as they come in. Check there regularly for more.