Our class photo with those that joined us on Thursday, 5/12
Of course we couldn’t just take a serious one

Note: We are archiving the Building and Construction Technology graduation class photos here. These are typically taken during commencement week and not all graduating students may have been present at that time. See below for a full listing.

Building and Construction Technology Program
2022 Graduating Class Listing

Levi Abbott
Shadrach Abrokwah
Nour Assaf
Adrian Avola
Michael Ayles
Colin Baker
Vincent Bertolino
Matthew Bevan
Louis Blake
Hunter Brooks
Mark Burhoe
Jeremy Coffin
Megan Corrigan
Cameron Cyr
Kristina Day
Graham Denison
Lia Douillet
Nathan Drislane
Gaibrial Duffy
Matthew Eng
Alyson Everett
Michael Foglia
Andrew Ford
Brian Ghostlaw
Owen Grierson

Sean Harvey
Christian Hess
Jose Innocent
Matthew Johnston
Emma Kelly
Carl Kernochan
Thomas Kornack
Andrew Kunigenas
Keith LaFountaine
Utsav Lakhlani
Tommy Lam
Robert Leamey
Eric Lee
Noah Lussier
Jeffrey MacDonald
Maxwell Macero
Scott MacLeod
Ryan Maitland
Yahdiel Marte Torres
James McPherson
Matthew Mealy
Zuriah Mele
Andrew Mier
Anthony Minisci
Jack Moran
William Mosca

Owen Mosher
Timothy Moulton
Michael Noonan
Kyle Noyes
Finnegan O’Connor
Akira Ontsuka
Daniel Palmer
Nolan Pandolfi
Chase Phenegar
Moneak Phillip
Collin Piemonte
Isabel Rivkind
Nathaniel Rogers
Andre Saab
Samuel Serjani
Andrew Smith
Anthony Smith
Bryan Snow
Jonathan Stordy
William Sydlowski
Matthew Tarantino
Brandon Vella
Grace Vieira
James White
Kyle Wood

Graduate and Certificate Students

We had a reception on Friday, 5/13 for current and some recent students. From left to Right: Ahmed, Hala, Brett, Sam, Patrick, Ksenia, Lia, and Mike.

More Photos

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