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Safety in Construction

Number: BCT 501
Credits: 1
Format: In person

Semester: Spring
Meeting Times: Wed, 4:00 - 4:50
Room: Olver Design Building 162

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Maryanne Steele,

Assistant Director, Campus Safety & Fire Services

Office: Draper Hall 125
Phone: 413.545.2367

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Course Description

(formerly BCT 597V)

With construction being one of the most dangerous occupations, workplace safety is crucial for every successful building project. This course teaches basic safety concepts through guest lectures and the self-guided study of OSHA principles. Students acquire the 10-hour OSHA safety training (and card) as part of this course (at a small, additional cost), which is the basic requirement for any work on construction sites.

Learning Goals

  • Thorough understanding of all OSHA 10 topics (includes acquiring OSHA 10 card)
  • Awareness of general safety issues on a construction site
  • Participant independently completes and obtains completion certificate for an OSHA 10hr or 30 hr Construction Industry Training program
  • Students will gain additional real world knowledge through lectures by experienced Safety professional that supplement the OSHA 10/30 course materials
  • Students will gain expertise in utilizing the OSHA Standards, to evaluate actual events to determine applicable regulations and corrective actions.
  • Students will gain hands on experience with fall protection equipment, electrical safety equipment.
  • Students will learn how to read a crane chart, prepare a crane plan and evaluate that plan for safety.
  • Students will gain additional knowledge of Environmental, Industrial Hygiene and Fire Safety considerations for construction projects
  • Participate in a safety walk through of an construction site (virtual or actual site depending on availability)
  • Understand safety considerations associated with Emerging Trends in Design such as Green Construction, Value Engineering, and Sustainability
  • Understand the history and value of Safety in the workplace.
  • Introduction to PPE


None required

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