After graduating from the BCT undergraduate major, Peter Levy pursued our Professional Master’s program in Building Systems and is now a Building Performance Analyst at The Green Engineer. We recently checked in with him and he provided this advice for other students:

“I enrolled in the Sustainable Building Systems M.S. program knowing that I wanted a career based around reducing energy use in buildings, but not knowing exactly how, or with what tools I would accomplish this. After taking an Intro to Energy Modeling course, I had a pathway and a set of tools which would direct the rest of my academic studies, and lead directly into a career in sustainable design.

During my studies, I took courses in energy modeling, building systems, and lighting design, which prepared me for my current position as a Building Performance Analyst at the Green Engineer in Concord MA. As an analyst, I run whole building energy simulations of large commercial, academic, residential and laboratory buildings for the purpose of assessing how different design decisions affect energy use. We use energy models for general design purposes, as well as code compliance, the pursuit of certifications such as LEED or Passive House, and in pursuit of utility incentive programs such as Mass Save.”


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