After graduating from the BCT undergraduate major, Chris Therrien pursued our Professional Master’s program in Building Systems and is now a Project Engineer with Suffolk Construction. He recently sent us some pictures from his job sites and provided insights about his work. Read below what Chris had to say about his experience at UMass:

“My name is Chris Therrien, and I am a structural assistant project manager for Suffolk Construction at the One Dalton tower in Boston. This project is a 62 story high-rise that will house a Four Seasons hotel, and the most expensive residential real estate in Boston.

Working on such a fast-paced and intricate project, with a world class design team and general contractor is challenging and demanding.

The BCT Professional Master’s program helped elevate my education to a level that enables me to work in this type of scenario. Continuing into this program after my undergraduate BCT degree provided me with a more in-depth understanding of how a building lives and breathes, and the process that makes it happen. Without this baseline knowledge, I would not have been able to start my first construction experience on such a monumental project successfully.”

Chris was also featured in this video about the UMass John W. Olver Design Building, home of BCT, on which he also worked for Suffolk:


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