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We caught up this semester with our alumnus, Caroline Kmiec, who currently works as an Assistant Project Manager at W.T. Rich Company, Inc. in Newton, MA. She shared details of her recent projects with us and provided our graduating seniors with stories “from the real world”. Asked about her experience here at BCT, she shared this with us:

“My name is Caroline Kmiec. I graduated from UMASS Amherst from the BCT program in December of 2014. Since then, I have been working with a Commercial General Contracting Company, W.T. Rich Co Inc. located out of Newton MA.

Founded in 1968, W.T. Rich Company has over four decades of experience as a General Contractor and Construction Manager. We specialize in major renovation work, historical restoration, new builds and projects that involve unique logistical, technical or scheduling challenges. Our field and management personnel have successfully performed hundreds of projects of this nature. We focus our capabilities and resources on only those projects that best fit our expertise. Through this specialization, experience and focus, we consistently earn the trust, respect and accolades of our clients and construction partners.

I am extremely lucky to have fallen into this wonderful group of co-workers as well as being able to follow my dreams of constructing commercial buildings in my home City of Boston. If I could send one message to the current BCT class, it would be the following; Take advantage of everything the Professors offer you, go to class and study. Everything you are taught in the program you take with you and use in the construction industry. Most importantly, APPLY TO YOUR DREAM JOB, even if you don’t think you will be hired for the position, you may be surprised (like me) and get it!”


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