We recently caught up with Alison Moynihan, who graduated from our Professional Master’s program in Building Systems and is now Technical Assistant at Foard Panel. She provided some perspective on her career as well as advice for other students:

“I entered the Building Systems Master’s Program at UMass after having done my undergraduate work in architecture. Graduating in 2010, when most architects were out of work, my undergrad education was not enough to even get me in the door as a gofer.

I did an unpaid internship and realized I was far more interested in green building and construction technology than traditional architecture, which happened to perfectly coincide with the Environmental Conservation Building Systems Master’s Program. I spent two years learning a little engineering, a little material science, a little conservation, and a lot of building science.

While in school I found a local Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) manufacturer, Foard Panel, to do an internship with in order to write my thesis. I am still happily working for them now, on my 5th year with the company. I am the young geek of the company, and my boss likes to show off the fact that I have a Masters in some “green building thing” to our potential clients. I love that I am using the education every day. I get to do engineering load calculations, heat loss calculations, new product testing, and speak to clients about building science.

Thank you, UMass Graduate School!”


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