Design Building Second Floor
Design Building Second Floor

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This is the view from the inside balcony into the atrium area at the time of construction of the zipper truss glulams. You can see the large steel truss that will hold up one side of the roof garden. The beam right above the camera location connects the two building wings at this location and marks the Western extent of the zipper truss.

This view of the studio area shows the wood structure with the composite connector fins sticking up from the floor panels. You can also see the temporary shoring that will support the concrete during curing (for approximately one week).

In this image the North studio area is still missing its enclosing walls and only sprinkler piping has been installed so far.

You can see the early stages of the North exterior wall being installed in this view.

This view of the bathroom installation already shows the plumbing piping runs. The view towards the truss and atrium will ultimately be closed off by a wall (of course).

The East wall of the plotter room abuts a CLT shaft wall and you can see its drywall-furring enclosure in this view. Towards the bathrooms you also get a nice view of the double-stud plumbing wall.

This view of the computer lab shows well how ductwork needs to work around structure.

This view is at the N-E corner of the interior atrium space, directly underneath the large steel truss, which will support the 3rd floor roof garden (interior courtyard). Note how this end of the steel truss rests on a solid glulam column. This is also at the current edge between the poured concrete (wood-concrete composite) slab and the un-poured panels (you can still see the mesh connectors).

The S-E intersection of the hallways reveals the wall sound insulation before drywall is installed. You can also see the CLT shaft walls before their surfaces get covered by drywall.

This is the view of a typical office before most partition walls are finished. You can nicely see the full-height windows that feature an operable section in the middle.

This view is inside one of the seminar rooms, which will have a glassed view of the interior atrium. You can nicely see the post and beam glulam structure and the CLT floor slabs above. Note that this structural system does not require cross-beams, which allows for easy HVAC runs lengthwise. On the interior separation walls you can also see the plywood sheathing that is added to the walls that will support large LCD panels.

This adjoining seminar room in the process of having drywall applied.

This view of the “most beautiful administrative office on campus” shows the glulam bracing, which will ultimately be enclosed on the outside with a curtain wall made with electro-tinting glass. The large vertical duct that is next to the North wall ventilates the laser cutters on the first floor to the roof.

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