DB Fourth Floor
Design Building Fourth Floor

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This is at the topmost N-W corner of the building in the studio area. Aside from the amazing view, you can see the pre-glued wood-concrete composite connectors in the CLT slabs and the steel plate edging that will serve as pour stop for the concrete floor topping. Before concrete is poured, a 1 inch thick layer of insulation will be installed on top of the CLT to provide for sound dampening.

Taken in the center of the fourth floor studio area, this view shows the sloping CLT ceiling, the wood-concrete composite floor connectors (note the spacing increase towards the edges of the plates), and the fourth-floor extension of the CLT shaft walls.

This interior view was taken at the edge of the fourth-floor mezzanine and shows the open view towards the third floor studios. At the edge of the floor slab, you can already see the steel pour-stop edging.

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