DB Exterior
Design Building Exterior

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This view shows how the CLT and glulam elements come wrapped and stacked to the site where they then get lifted into position using a mobile crane. Looking at the floors on this facade you can see that the leftmost areas already received their pour stop steel edging while the two right bays still need to get those installed. This also reveals the steel baseplate spacers at each column (akin to a traditional pintle detail).

The North facade shows how the steel stud and fiberglass-gypsum panel wall encloses the wood structure. Type IV-HT (“Heavy-Timber”) construction required a non-combustible exterior wall material.

This corner shows the structure of the air intake shaft as well as the large scupper on the roof that will drain the sloped roof areas in the North of the building.

This view gives a closeup of the wall air barrier system as well as the fiberglass Z-clips that will be used as spacers for the insulation and to attach the facade panels.

This view shows the formwork for the outdoor material storage cover being installed. You can also see the various layers that make up the facade (aluminum panels had not been installed at this point).

In this area you can see how the insulation is being applied over the air barrier. Next, copper-colored alumninum panels will be installed on horizontal furring strips. Behind the cherry picker, you can see two round wall duct ports and an exterior foundation, which will all be part of the dust collection system for the woodshop. The concrete enclosing wall to the work yard has been stripped and the custom form pattern of wooden boards is now visible. You can also see the first Bluestone deliveries next to the trailer.

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