Administrative Staff 2020

The Minuteman Marching Band is operated by an extraordinary group of student leaders. Nearly every function a collegiate marching band might require is covered by these dedicated band members. If you need to contact any member of the staff, please contact the listed manager's email.

Band Manager
Anna Stone -

Personnel Manager
Julia Sullivan -

Travel Manager
Zach Bachta -

Web Manager
Michael Burton -

Web Staff
Samantha DiGenova, Timothy Durocher,
Natalie Haas

Summer Recruiter
Caroline DeCoste -

Publicity and Recruitment Manager
Aly Kosteva -

Publicity and Recruitment Staff
Eliza Jane Holtz, Emily Laus,
Christopher Nolan, Hannah Rogers

Uniform Managers
Connor Ahern and Mikayla Wilcox -

Uniform Staff
Lauren Barry, Thalia Mavrikakis,
Christina Purvis, Michelle Shang

Merchandise Manager
Neva Payson -

Merchandise Staff
Alison Martin, Zoe Peritz

Equipment Managers
Colin Brooks and John Murray -

Equipment Staff
Rachel Hertz, Melanie Kirsch,
Laina Meagher, Paul Nassif

Library Manager
James Rosado -

Library Staff
Tom Budolc, Nadia Stellabotte,
Grace Theberge, Marissa Wade

AV Manager
Mackay Keegan - UMMBMedia

AV Staff
Randy Le, Gustavo Martinazzi,
Dhiren Mistry, Alandra Ricci

Historian Manager
Courtney Brennan

Historian Staff
Alexander Auclair, Catie Riordan

Guard Equipment Managers
Sam Blanc and Rachel Weiner

Guard Uniform Manager
Izzi D'Amico

Band-Aide Manager
Mario Riquelme

Thomas Denham, Bria Fitzgerald,
Nicole Garreffi

Field Staff


Isabelle Garland *, Allie Hommer *, Laura Barnes,
Laura Francis, Madison Aitken, Mikayla Metcalf, Zoë Stinson

Elizabeth Fedirko *, Alison Philips, Chloe Domanus,
Gwyneth Thomas, Sara Koprek

Alto Saxes
Patrick Sullivan *, Julian Byun *,
Alex Wu, EJ Pinos

Tenor Saxes
Griffin Barber *, Jason Wierzbowski,
Peter Crump, Anna Chinetti

Ben Goslin *, Katie Copelas *, Cay Dry,
Justin Walker, Justin Schindler, Ashtyn Parker-McDermott,
Dane Matejka, David Conlon

Erin Jenkins *, Courtney Brennan *,
Chris Sperry, Izzy Solem

Maddy Maciag *, Rachel Jurkowski *, Conner Whittle,
Spencer Meneghini, Ben Kesler

Victoria Lee, Maddy Hally

Jackie McDougall *, Gabby Grondalski,
Michael Belmonte, Stevens Bontemps

Color Guard
Sam O’Donnell *, Daniela Jurado *, Sean Desrochers,
Colin Knowlton, Heather Potter, Beth Murphy,
Daphne Gauthier

Ally Littlefield

Ean Goreham, Kurt Lindberg, Lauren Demers,
Cecily Mills, Nina Brian Smith, Jon Schmidt,
Sean O’Rourke