2023 Administrative Staff

The Minuteman Marching Band is operated by an extraordinary group of student leaders. Nearly every function a collegiate marching band might require is covered by these dedicated band members. If you need to contact any member of the staff, please contact the listed manager's email.

Band Manager
Owen Doyle - ummbmanager@umass.edu

Personnel Manager
Gianna Borowski - ummbpersonnelmanager@umass.edu

Travel Manager
Lillian Madsen - ummbtravelmanager@umass.edu

Web Manager
Nathan Wolf - ummbwebstaff@umass.edu

Web Staff
Felix Agbo, Ian Anderson

Summer Recruiter
Tommy Gruttadauria - ummbsummerrecruiter@umass.edu

Publicity and Recruitment Manager
Miles Payson - ummbrecruit@umass.edu

Publicity and Recruitment Staff
Kyra Meagher, Zander Pennell,
Caralyn Rexroad

Uniform Manager
Abbie Boyle - ummbuniform@umass.edu

Uniform Staff
Dilan Churchill, April DiGiacomo
Keira Hartley, Sam Nolan

Merchandise Manager
Amelie Morrissey - ummbmerch@umass.edu

Merchandise Staff
Lillian Barnett, Mackenzie Marshall

Equipment Managers
Lindsay Forauer & Sarah Newhall -

Equipment Staff
Chris Gates, Eloise Lizie,
Alexia Minkin, Brooke Nareau,
Ava Sirois, Brandon Tsang

Library Manager
Melina Gable - ummblibrary@umass.edu

Library Staff
Sofia Fonseca, Mia Lipman-Tessicini,
Abbey O'Neil

AV Manager
Julia Toler - ummbav@umass.edu UMMBMedia

AV Staff
Dakota Incorvaia, Abby Kneipfer,
Cameron Swart

History Manager
Jacob Diette - ummbhistory@umass.edu

History Staff
Katelyn Payero

Guard Equipment Managers
Delaney Clarke & Ella DiMarco

Guard Equipment Staff
Hanna D'Argenio

Guard Uniform Manager
Cabie Gagnon

Guard Uniform Staff
Sabrina Incognito

Nick Curbelo, Caroline Pfrommer,
Meera Ramikrishnan

2022 Field Staff


Justin Salva*, Allison Ward*,
Sarah Bosik, Rebekah Doucette,
Rishabh Jain, Gabby Sherrick

Morgan Powers*, Aidan Morehouse*,
Amelie Morrissey, Taylor Oles,
Shiva Pabbathi, Savannah Weaver

Alto Saxes
Emma LaCava*, Ali Burton,
Ali Cavanagh, Kevin Shang, Philip Wegman

Tenor Saxes
Qeanu Smith*, Merry LaPointe
Nadia Palafox, Thomas Powell

Ian Kenneally*, Duncan Hilliard*,
Julian Buitrago, Una Davenport,
Beth Monahan, Kael Pelletier, Matt Perera

Izzy Solem*, Abigail Bennett,
Eva Kozol, Edwin Tran

Sofia Blonqvist*, Oliver Carr,
Sarah Kites, Matt St. Laurent,
Bronwyn Tyler-Wall

Ian McCue, Aiden McKeeby

Chris Montville*, Mike Anderson,
Kevin Nephew, Marley Norton

Color Guard
Cat Jacques*, Maxwell Fisher*,
Emma Cady, Allison Lee, Lis Russo,
Kat Preisig, Marguerite Vallespir

Morgan O'Blenis, Gina Zarcone

Snare Drums
Dakota Koester, Ryan Gordon

Tenor Drums
Gracie Rayess, Ben Viera

Bass Drums
Natalie Mundis, Jacob Schilp

Jackie Lutz

Front Ensemble
Kira Johnson, Hayden Tierney
Tyler Mosca

* - Section Leader