UMMB I-Bander: New Member Registration

This form is only for students that have already been accepted at UMass Amherst or one of the Five Colleges and have decided to join the band this coming season.

Please fill out your information as accurately as possible. Do not press ENTER or RETURN until you have completely filled out this form. If there is a problem with your registration, we will notify you.


Some sections may fill to capacity. We recommend filling out this registration form as soon as possible. For logistical purposes (writing drill, ordering supplies, etc.) it is essential we know who will be in our band as early as possible. Please be aware that some sections may have limits on number of instruments available. After the form has been submitted, you will receive notification of your status.


All first year members interested in the drumline need to submit an audition video by July 1. Please visit the drumline website at for instructions. Click on 'audition', download the PDF's, and follow the instructions for the audition procedure. Please email Thom Hannum ( if you have any questions.


All new students planning to join the colorguard (flag, sabre, rifle), are asked to submit a video of herself/himself performing. This video is to assist us in preparation of show routines and determine placement within the guard. It is not an AUDITION to join the Guard. It can be a solo video to music of your choice or a video of you performing with a guard (fall or winter). Please tells us how to identify you on a group video. Students are asked to upload their videos to YouTube and provide the link to the video in the specified box. The video should be no less than 2 minutes.


Positions on the Weapons line is limited. If you would like to audition for weapons, a video submission is required by JULY 1ST. Please upload your videos to YouTube and provide a link to the video in the specified box.


Baton Twirlers for the Minuteman Band are selected by competitive audition. Contact twirler coach Kristi Ochs at for audition information.


Please contact


If there are any mistakes, or problems with the I-Bander, please contact Clark Cone at

General Information

If you have selected color guard or weapons, please upload your video (details above) to YouTube and include a link in the box below.

Home Address

School Address

Please provide your address for where you will be living during the next school year. Skip this section if you do not have a school address yet or if you do not have a separate address for home and school.

Band Camp Housing

The Minuteman Marching Band will provide housing and meals for band members during band camp.

Parent's Authorization

If you will be under 18, an emergency medical release form will be sent to your parents prior to band camp. In order for you to participate in band camp, this form MUST be completed and returned to us either at band camp or by mail.

Class Conflicts

The Minuteman Band meets every weekday from 4:40 to 6:25. Students who join the Minuteman Band are expected to attend all rehearsals. If you have a class that will regularly conflict with rehearsals, please write the DATE and the CLASS for the conflict and present it to the Director for approval as soon as possible. Depending on the frequency of the conflict, students may be assigned an alternate position to ensure that we have a full band at every rehearsal. This decision is at the discretion of the Director. Unforeseen or sporadic conflicts (ie. an exam or sickness) will be handled on a case by case basis.

First Aid Information

(If you have multiple certifications upload them as one file)

Support Personnel

Band Aides play a critical role in the UMMB. The band aides work with our professional staff and administrative staff on a lot of behind the scenes work with the band. Band-Aides do not march in the UMMB, but play a critical role on support staff. They are members of the Administrative Staff, receive credit for the course, and attend all marching band performances. We are always looking for more band aides.

**If you have selected "Band Aide", please enter 0 for "Height", "Weight", and "Shoe Size"**

Uniform Information

Please enter in your uniform information here, which includes colorguard members. Please be very accurate when indicating sizes. Indicate what size you are, not what size you hope to be. Accuracy is crucial if you are to receive a uniform that fits properly.

Power and Class Shirt

Our "Power and Class" shirts are part of the band uniform. The “Power and Class” shirts include a maroon polo to be worn as part of your travel uniform and a white T-Shirt to be worn under the full uniform.

Please Note: Band Aides also receive P&Cs and will need to indicate their shirt sizes.

Equipment Information

Fill out this section if you need to request an instrument. The band will provide all sousaphones, baritones, mellophones, and percussion instruments. Additional instruments are available but limited; rental fees may be required. You will be responsible for the general maintenance of any instrument which you sign-out. Please bring all necessary accessories to band camp (reeds, mouthpiece, valve oil, lyres, neckstraps, ect.). The band does not supply these items.

Locker Agreement

By agreeing to have a locker, you are agreeing that the Marching Band, and the University of Massachusetts is not responsible for anything that goes missing. This includes (but is not limited to): instrument/instrument pieces, music, and or personal items. Theft of items will be dealt with the University of Massachusetts Police Department, not Marching Band Student Staff or Professional Staff.

Failure to lock your locker, with the lock provided by the Marching Band, releases the Marching Band from any liability of what happens to the content of the locker. Sharing lockers shares responsibility of the contents of the locker.

Do not leave anything of value in your locker. At no point should any alcohol or controlled substances be stored in Marching Band lockers. If any illegal substances are found in your locker, you will lose your locker privileges, and the matter will be handed to University Police. In short: only store band related things in your locker.

At the end of each semester, lockers will be checked for locks, if a lock is missing you are responsible to pay the Marching Band to replace it.

Part Assignments

Hometown Information

We would like to publicize your involvement with the Minuteman Band. This data will be used strictly for publicity or statistical purposes.

Thank You!

Thank you for filling out the UMMB Online Registration form! Don't forget to register for Marching Band as a class through SPIRE MUSIC 566 to receive class credit!

Once you have done both of the tasks above, please click below to submit this form to finalize your registration.

Welcome to the UMMB!