The UMMB will be marching in the 2024 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Back in 2018, UMass partnered with Bob Rogers Travel to help take the UMMB to the Tournament of Roses and Pasadena CA. This year, UMass has decided once again to partner with Bob Rogers Travel to take us to NYC!


FAQs (will update as we get more info):

As a member of the UMMB, how much will this cost?

This trip will be FREE for members of the UMMB. Students enrolled in Music-566 will be able to partake in this once in a lifetime experience FREE of cost.

What is a UMMB Fan? What is the UMMB Fan Package?

A UMMB Fan includes, but is not limited to, immediate and extended family of UMMB members, friends, and alumni. NOT FOR UMMB MEMBERS The UMMB Fan package is available for purchase at variable costs (dependent on total passengers per package). The UMMB Fan packages include 2 nights at Hotel Edison, multiple meals (including a Thanksgiving Eve Dinner with the UMMB), intracity bussing and metrocard access, and access to multiple performances from the UMMB and more throughout the trip. See the UMMB Fan Itinerary provided below.

How do UMMB Fans register for the trip?

Our travel company, Bob Rogers Travel, is offering a package for UMMB Fans, A.K.A friends, family, and anyone else who wants the UMMB Fan experience. This document from Bob Rogers Travel outlines how to register and pay for the fan package, in addition to listing the different options. To clarify, ONLY UMMB FANS HAVE TO PAY, BAND MEMBERS DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR TRAVEL.

Bob Rogers Travel Registration Form (FANS ONLY)

Fans Package Itinerary (FANS ONLY)

Registration help/tutorial
For those interested in trip insurance, this document outlines the trip insurance policy, as well as its terms and conditions.

What are Important Deadlines?

The deposit deadline for a purchase with trip insurance is April 1st. The registration deadline for the trip is May 15th. Bob Rogers Travel Registration Form (FANS ONLY)
Registration help/tutorial

Contact Aidan Beckman, UMMB Macy's Coordinator, at