Color in the Cage



Color in the Cage is a celebration of color guard, twirling, and dance. It started in the 1980s as a student showcase for the UMass Color Guard with invited guests from high schools across Massachusetts. It is now both an opportunity for the UMass Guard to perform and an educational experience for high school students.

Similar to the famous UMass Band Day held during football season where high school students spend the day with the Power & Class of New England and perform with them at half-time, Color in the Cage now holds a clinic in the morning before the show where students will learn skills and choreography they will perform with UMass during the finale of the show!

High schools are also encouraged to perform their own indoor color guard shows. Students can perform with their school AND in the finale, or just in the finale with UMass.

It's not just a color guard show anymore either. The UMass Twirlers will also be there, and high school twirlers are also welcome to come and perform. You will also see some of the many UMass student dance ensembles, and the one and only UMass Hoop/Ice Band will be there to play some hot stand tunes.