Band Camp 2023 FAQ

Hi there! The following information will give you everything you need to know about band camp this fall. With any additional questions, please email to reach out to our summer recruiter Zoe. Read below for the 8 questions to ask yourself before band camp!

Star What day do I arrive at UMass Amherst for band camp?

    Band camp arrival is staggered based on what section you are in and if you are a returning member:
  • All percussion and new color guard reports Friday, August 25th with registration between 8-9:30am
  • Returning color guard, twirlers, and new winds report Saturday, August 26th with registration between 8-10am
  • Returning winds report Sunday, August 27th with registration from 9-11am

Star Where do I check in for band camp?
Check-in for band camp will take place at your registration time, which you can find above. On the map below, you can see that off of University Drive, there is a horseshoe that leads right into the southwest residential area, aka band camp registration. We will have band members out on University drive directing you into the horseshoe, and we will also have a team in the horseshoe to greet you with cheering and band spirit! You will see the registration spot, where band members will help take your luggage and deliver it to your room in George Washington Tower, which is where we live during band camp. Once you are out of the car, we will guide you through the rest of the registration process. The trumpet on the map shows where to drive. As long as you get onto University Drive, we will take care of the rest!

Star What do I bring to band camp?
During band camp, we all stay together in Washington Tower in the southwest residential area. On August 29th, everyone will move from Washington to their permanent academic year housing (either an on campus dorm or off campus apartment/house). Because we only stay in Washington until August 29th, you will ONLY bring what you need for band camp on arrival day. Do not bring everything for your dorm, that stuff will come on August 29th when you move into your permanent dorm. To put it all together:

  1. Move into Washington on your specified band camp arrival day. You will only bring what you need for those first 3-4 days.
  2. On August 29th, you will move into your permanent year housing. There will be a break from band from 11am-3pm on that day for you to move into your dorm. Parents, guardians, and friends can meet you at that time.
  3. Band camp resumes as normal! Now you will live in your academic housing and continue to participate in band camp until the last day on September 1st

In terms of what to bring for those first few days we live in Washington, here is a packing list (and a printable version here):

  • Shower Shoes
  • Toiletries + Towel
  • Bedding (sleeping bag and pillow will do just fine)
  • Plenty of socks
  • Athletic clothing for a variety of temperatures
  • Water bottle
  • Sun protection (hat, glasses, sunblock)
  • UCard
  • Portable charger (recommended but not required)
  • Pencils
  • Fan (for dorm room)
  • Boarding Pass (if on campus resident, more info below)
  • Instrument (if not renting or percussion/guard)
  • Bug spray
  • Most importantly, DO NOT bring your entire dorm at the start of band camp.

Star Do I need a boarding pass?
If you will be living on campus this year then YES you need a boarding pass. More importantly you need to print your boarding pass and bring it with you to band camp. A boarding pass is what you will bring to the residential service desk to receive your dorm key for early move in. Your boarding pass will be available starting August 14th. Log into your Spire account, then navigate to Housing → Move-in → Move-in Reservation → Key Agmt to view and print your boarding pass. It does not need to be in color but it must be printed, no screenshots.

Star How does moving out of Washington work?
You will be sent the exact details in the days leading up to the 29th. For now, here's a rough outline of the process (if you are off campus, instructions differ slightly):
  1. Your floor of Washington will be assigned a time to move out, around 7AM. We do this to not crowd the elevators. You and All of your stuff should be out of Washington by your assigned time. Once you are outside, the ad staff will help you sort and tag your luggage.
  2. The ad staff will also help guide you to where you will pick up your key.YOU WILL NEED YOUR PRINTED BOARDING PASS ON YOU TO GET YOUR KEY. Once you have your key, you can go to breakfast and be at morning rehearsal by 8:30 AM.
  3. You are now free to go get breakfast! Make sure to be at morning rehearsal by 8:30 AM. The ad staff will deal with transporting your luggage during rehearsal time.
  4. From 11AM-3PM after morning rehearsal, you will have time to move into your academic year housing. When rehearsal ends, put whatever you need to back in the band building, and head straight to your residential area. If someone is meeting you to help you move in, this is where they should meet you. You will find a pile of everyone's band camp luggage left by the ad staff, one pile in each residential area. There will be a map of locations sent out prior to move-in.
  5. Move into your dorm, eat lunch and be back at rehearsal by 3!

Star How do I register for marching band on Spire?
Marching band is an academic class, just like the classes in your major. You even get 2 academic credits for it. Because of this, you must enroll in Music 566 on Spire. It should show up if you search it under the classes search tool. If you have a class conflict with band (Monday - Friday from 4:40-6:10pm) You will not be able to register for marching band on your own. You need to first email your appropriate director:

Not all conflicts are approved! You must email your specific director, and they will talk to you about your next steps.

Star Can I rent an instrument if I do not own my own?
Yes! We offer free instrument rentals to all marching band members. As long as you selected “rent instrument” on the iBander, we will have it ready to go for you. If you are unsure of the choice you selected on the iBander, email for clarification. Whether you are renting an instrument or bringing your own, you will be provided with a locker within the band building to store your instrument.

Star How do I get a parking pass for band camp?
Within the next few weeks, you will receive an email about parking passes during band camp, so stay tuned!

Star Are meals provided during band camp?
Yes! Both housing (in Washington Tower) and meal swipes are provided for marching band members. Your meal plan will start after band camp ends and the academic year starts.

Once again, with any questions, email to reach our summer recruiter Zoe. It is our job as a band to make this as safe and enjoyable as possible for you, so don't hesitate to tell us how we can help. See you at band camp, and until then, WITH PRIDE!!!!