Suzan Edwards

L. Clark Seelye Professor Emerita, Smith College


Ph.D, University of Hawaii, Astronomy
M.S., University of Hawaii, Astronomy
B.A. Dartmouth College, Physics


Smith College Astronomy Department Clark Science Center 10 Elm Street Northampton, MA 01063

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Research Interests: 

My research centers on elucidating the evolution of young stellar objects through the use of high resolution spectroscopy, especially the relation between disk accretion and mass outflow. The inner 1 AU of protoplanetary disks is the environment where terrestrial planets are formed, where disk accretion onto a magnetically active star establishes the final mass and initial angular momentum of the forming star, and accretion-driven winds/jets originate. Even in the nearest star formation environments, these regions are unresolved and can only be probed with spectra. Understanding the structure of the inner disk and its interaction with the stellar magnetosphere and radiation field is crucial to clarify the angular momentum evolution of these systems (how accreting stars are spun down, where winds/jets are launched) and the process by which the inner disk is cleared of gas and dust.