Thiago Goncalves

Thursday, February 16, 2023
3:45 p.m.
LGRT 1033


Lyman break analogues: local laboratories for galaxy formation and evolution under extreme conditions


The universe experienced the peak of star formation activity approximately 10 billion years ago, but objects at such epochs are difficult to observe in detail due to the large distances involved. In this talk, I will discuss the background and recent results of a series of works on a sample of local analogues of high-redshift star forming galaxies. These objects, selected based on their high UV luminosities and surface brightness, show characteristics more akin to galaxies at z ~ 1.5-2, while their proximity allows for detailed investigations of a wide variety of physical properties, including (among others) kinematics, gas masses, and environments. They also show signs of nuclear accretion onto central intermediate mass black holes, and as such could act as interesting laboratories for an important brief stage of black hole growth before the M-sigma relation is fully established.

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