Grant Wilson / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Thursday, April 13, 2023
3:45 p.m.
LGRT 1033


Swinging for the Fences - An Update on the TolTEC Project


The TolTEC Imaging Polarimeter is a new, 7000 pixel, millimeter wavelength camera. The camera is now installed and making commissioning observations at the Large Millimeter Telescope, after which it will both start a series of Legacy Surveys and be available for PI-led LMT projects. In this talk I will endeavor to bring everyone up to date on the instrument's status and prospects for new data. I will describe key aspects of the technologies that underlie the camera, review the key science questions that motivated its construction, describe its capabilities on the LMT, and focus in on our plans for the initial set of our TolTEC Legacy Surveys. I'll conclude the talk by returning to my laptop to continue working on the commissioning data.

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