Topics in Astrophysics: Planetary Geology

This is an asynchronous online course taught by Dr. Eileen McGowan during Summer Session 1 (Monday, May 20 - Friday, June 28). It is open to all majors as well as non-UMass students. In this course, we will explore the other terrestrial bodies in our Solar System and learn about their physical, chemical, and geological properties. In this class you will learn how planets form, what they are made of, and how they work. You will learn about the physical processes of the terrestrial planets, processes that are universal to terrestrial bodies but take on different forms depending on the properties of individual planets. In order to understand planets other then our own we need to remotely collect data, you will learn how remotely sensed data of various types are collected for planetary investigations. Open to all majors and non-UMass students.


At least 1 semester physical sciences and math recommended.