The Solar System (Honors Section)

This course is open to Commonwealth Honors College students only This is a 4-Credit course. Juniors, Sophomores and Seniors who wish to take this class for 3-credits should register in Astron 190Z. Lecture: This class explores our Solar System -- the forces that shaped and maintain it and the varied worlds that inhabit it. Much of what we know today about the planets and moons of our Solar System has resulted from the space exploration program of the past 40 years. The course will emphasize the latest findings from recent and on-going space missions, such as Cassini, the Mars Rovers, Deep Impact, and Stardust. By comparisons with other planets, students will gain an appreciation of what makes Earth unique and whether conditions suitable for life may exist elsewhere. The discovery of planets around other stars will be discussed as well as future programs to search for an Earth-like planet. Class discussions will be an integral part of this course. This course differs from the non-honors course, in that topics are studied in greater depth, more homework is assigned, and a class project is required. Lab: Multiple sections. For nonscience students. Introduction to the night sky, telescopes, astronomical events, and celestial maps. Visual and telescopic observations of the constellations, moon, planets, stars, and other interesting astronomical objects. Attendance required.



General Education Credit: 

Physical Science