Exploring the Universe (Honors)

This course is open to Commonwealth Honors College students only Lecture: For nonscience majors. Introductory survey of astronomy. How we learn about the Universe and what we already know of it, how it originated, evolves, and its ultimate fate. Emphasis on modern research in solar phenomena, stellar evolution (including white dwarfs, neutron stars, pulsars, and black holes) and galaxy studies (including quasars). Assignments and projects will involve the use of high school algebra. *Attendance is mandatory for the first two lectures. Enrolled students who fail to show up may be removed from the class list.* Lab: Multiple sections. For nonscience students. Introduction to the night sky, telescopes, astronomical events, and celestial maps. Visual and telescopic observations of the constellations, moon, planets, stars, an d other interesting astronomical objects. Attendance is required.



General Education Credit: 

Physical Science