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The undergraduate curriculum is shared among the Five Colleges, therefore you may want or need to take an astronomy course at one of the other campuses. Enrollment for these off-campus classes are handled by the Five College Interchange office located in 613 Goodell.

Step by Step Instructions

Identify course(s) from Five College Course Catalog. Do not request more than 8 credits at any one institution.

  1. Log into Spire
  2. Go to Manage Classes
  3. Go to Add/Drop/edit Classes
    • Fill in all the information about the course.
    • The Five College Registration page appears, read and click through to the request Form.
    • You will see a Course Registration Receipt. Save the Registration receipt as a PDF not as a picture or screen shot.
    • Click Submit. YOU ARE NOT DONE
  6. If the Registration Receipt says you must get instructor permission (always the case during add-drop at the beginning of the semester, not always the case during pre-registration) email the instructor, attaching the receipt for a signature.
  7. If the instructor cannot sign the actual form, an email verifying approval to enroll in the class is sufficient. YOU ARE NOT DONE.
  8. Email the PDF Registration Receipt and instructor approval ( If the instructor approval is an email, please submit it with the PDF Registration Receipt in the same email.
  9. The Five College Interchange office will process the Registration Receipt if there are enough credits available on your schedule to add the course. It is your responsibility to ensure you have enough credits ailable.
  10. You can check the status of the Registration on the Spire page in the Five College Enrollment
  11. Please send one email for each course, attaching the receipt and if required the instructor permission.

By submitting your Five College Registration Receipt, YOU AGREE to abide by all academic and student conduct regulations at the host school, including attendance, academic honesty, pass-fail procedures, and deadlines for completing course work and taking examinations.

Registration dates are strict, so be sure to know when they occur. For additional information go to the following website: