Recent Honors Thesis


Emma Lovett (advisor: M. Giavalisco)

  • Observing Galaxies in Three Environments

Anthony Englert (advisor: M. Yun)

  • Applications of Flux-Selected Strongly Lensed Galaxies

Kate Mallory (advisor: D. Calzetti)

  • Dust Emission as a Function of Age in the Nearby Galaxy M33



Kenneth Lin (advisor: A. Pope) 

  • Simulating the Millimeter Sky: Next Generation Imaging of Dusty Galaxies with TolTEC on the Large Millimeter Telescope

Zoe Kearney (advisor: A. Pope) 

  • Nature versus Nurture; How Environment impacts Star Formation in Dusty Galaxies


Tara Dowd (advisor: A. Jaskot) 

  • The Origin of Lyα Emission in the Green Peas 

Kendall Sullivan (advisor: M. Yun) 

  • S and VV Corona Australis: Two Extreme Young Binary Star Systems 


Jordan Kornfeld (advisor: R. Miskimen) 

  • Jefferson National Laboratory Charged Pion Polarizability Experiment: Monte Carlo Simulation Using GEANT4 and Construction of Multi-Wire Proportional Chambers 


Dylan Pare (advisor: D. Wang) 

  • Analyzing Extragalactic Magnetic Fields Using Faraday Rotation Measure Synthesis 


Tim Costa (advisor: G. Narayanan) 

  • Characterizing an FPGA-based Spectrometer Prototype for Heterodyne Receivers at the LMT 

Kevin C. Harrington (advisor: M. Yun) 

  • Observations of the Most Luminous, High-Redshift Starbursting Galaxies Discovered using Planck 

Randall Rojas Bolivar (advisor: D. Calzetti) 

  • Covariance between Star Formation Rates and Dust Mass of Kingfish Galaxies 


Christian Haughwout (advisor: R. Miskimen) 

  • Design and Prototyping of MWPC Preamplifier Electronics for Use in the Charged Pion Polarizability Experiment at Jefferson Lab 


Marie Calapa (advisor: D. Calzetti) 

  • Old Stellar Population Effects on the Schmidt-Kennicutt Relation 


Nathan Brunetti (advisor: G. Wilson) 

  • Translation and Optimization fo the AzTEC Source Finding and Map Completeness Simulation Algorithms from IDL to C++ 

Jamie Budynkiewicz (advisor: A. Pope) 

  • A Multi-wavelength Study of Star Formation and Black Hole Growth in High Redshift Infrared-Luminous Galaxies 

Kelly Malone (advisor: A. Pocar) 

  • Development of the Slow Control System for a Radon Filter for the EXO-200 Experiment 


Max Curran (advisor: M. Yun) 

  • Spatial and Spectral Analysis of Blended Herschel Counterparts to AzTEC-detected Sources 

Jake McCoy (advisors: D. Wang, M. Yun) 

  • Radio Continuum Emission from the Galactic Nuclear Region of M31 


Ashley Bemis (advisor: M. Heyer) 

  • The Role of Convergent Gas Streams in Producing Star Forming Fragments in Molecular in Molecular Clouds 


Perie Klein (advisor: R. Gutermuth) 

  • Dust Extinction Mapping of MonR2 

Mary McDonald (advisor: G. Wilson) 

  • Characterizing the Aztec High-Redshift Radio Galaxy Fields 

Aaron Meyer (advisor: M. Yun) 

  • New Method For Detecting Galaxy Clusters 

Shaina Rogstad (advisor: T. Tripp) 

  • Spectroscopic Evidence of a Gaseous Outflow in NGC 4631 

David Sliski (advisor: L. Cadonati) 

  • On the Quest for Gravitational Wave Detection: Mitigating Environmental Noise and Breaching the Quantum Limit 


Daniel Moriarty (advisor: G. Wilson) 

  • Astronomical Plumbing: Reworking the AzTEC data Reduction Pipeline 

Jared Rand (advisor: G. Wilson) 

  • Characterizing the Density of Sub-Millimeter Galaxies in Cluster Environments 


Ross Dubois (advisor: S. Schneider) 

  • Astronomy 100H: An Honors Component for the Astronomy 100 Course at the University of Massachusetts 

Hillary Allan (advisor: T. Tripp) 

  • The Space Tourist's Guide to Health: A Study of the Health Concerns Associated with Launching the Layman into Space 


Christine Harrington (advisor: G. Wilson) 

  • Modeling the Millimeter Sky Using SIMIS 

James Ferguson III (advisor: D. McIntosh) 

  • Modeling the Millimeter Sky Using SIMIS 


Ben Farley (advisor: D. Wang) 

  • XMM-Newton study of diffuse hot gas in nearby edge-on galaxies 

Chris Duston (advisor: D. Wang) 

  • Discrete Point Sources in the Chandra Galactic Center X-ray Survey 


Kate Whitaker (advisor: D. Wang) 

  • An XMM-Newton and Chandra study of the starburst galaxy IC 10 


Wakako Fukui (advisor: D. Wang) 

  • XMM-Newton Spectra of Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Candidates