Program Description

This dynamic program is designed to serve a wide range of students, from business and management majors who hope someday to conduct business in Asia to Asian Americans who wish to explore their histories, cultures, and the relationships of their communities to U.S. society. The Certificate is open to all UMass Amherst undergrad students, regardless of major.

You must complete 6 courses in both Asian Studies and Asian American Studies courses -- two required courses, two ellective courses in Asian Studies, and two ellective courses in Asian American Studies.

Specific Requirements

Required Courses

  • Asian Studies 312 -- Bridging Asia & Asian America
    A 4-credit, Gen Ed Social and Cultural Global Diversity (DG) course that introduces students to the historical and ongoing political, economic, and cultural connections between the Asia, the U.S., and Asian Americans.
  • Asian Studies 491A -- Senior Seminar
    A one-semester 3-credit seminar capstone/thesis course meant for students nearing the completion of the Certificate. This course functions like combination of a seminar and an independent study course in which students meet every few weeks to collaboratively "workshop" each other's final project under the guidance of a faculty advisor.

Elective Courses

  • Two (2) courses designated as Asian Studies
  • Two (2) courses designated as Asian American Studies

Other Requirements and Options

  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade (no pass/fail)
  • You must attain a minimum grade of C in each Certificate course
  • Among your 4 elective courses, no more than 2 courses may be taken in any single department
  • Only 1 Asian language course may count toward completing the Certificate and only 1 Honors one-credit seminar may count toward completing the Certificate.
  • With approval from the Program Director, students may substitute courses from other Five College campuses and/or study abroad to count toward the Certificate