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Chinese Minor Requirements

All students taking a minor in Chinese are expected to complete a total of 24 credits of course work. If a student begins the minor by taking language courses at a level above the elementary, neither credit nor exemption will be given for the lower level language course(s). Students who begin taking language courses at a level above the elementary should take advanced language courses in order to accumulate sufficient credits for the minor. Students who begin taking language courses at a level above the elementary may challenge advanced language courses for credit by taking a 'Credit by Special Examination' test. This is a fee per credit exam arranged in conjunction with the Registrar's Office. Contact the undergraduate major advisor in Chinese in this department for details. Courses for the minor may not be taken pass/ fail. Students must have a minimum GPA in the Minor of 2.0 in order to satisfy the requirements for the minor. No more than 6 credits may be earned in the 110/120/126/127 or 246/247 sequences.  No more than 6 credits taken within or without the 5-College consortium will be accepted for the minor in Chinese.

For assistance with being directed to a Chinese Undergraduate Advisor, please contact the East Asian Languages & Cultures Program Office, Herter Hall 440.

Required (12 credits)

Chinese 126*: Intensive Elementary Chinese I 6 credits

Chinese 246: Intensive Elementary Chinese II 6 credits

*Chinese 126 can be replaced by a combination of Chinese 110 “Non-Intensive Elementary Chinese I” and Chinese 120 “Non-Intensive Elementary Chinese II”.

Select 12 credits from among the following:

Asian Studies 375: Chinese Science Fiction in Translation 4 Credits

Asian Studies 380: Self & Ethics - Great Books of Asia 4 credits

Chinese 136: Introduction to Chinese Cinema 3 credits

Chinese 138: Religion and Chinese Culture 3 credits

Chinese 140: Chinese Script 3 credits

Chinese 150: Peoples and Languages of China 3 credits

Chinese 197G: Asian Religious Traditions 3 credits

Chinese 197Q: Late Imperial Chinese Literature and Culture 3 credits

Chinese 197T: Traditional Thought and Culture in Modern China 3 credits

Chinese 241: Contemporary Chinese Literature 3 credits

Chinese 242: Chinese Vernacular Literature 3 credits

Chinese 297S: United States-China Relations: Model Embassy 3 credits

Chinese 326: Intensive Intermediate Chinese I 6 credits

Chinese 327: Intensive Intermediate Chinese II 6 credits

Chinese 375: Introduction to Chinese Linguistics 3 credits

Chinese 394PI: Chinese Popular Culture 3 credits

Chinese 394WI: Women in Chinese Culture 3 credits

Chinese 397P: Traditional Chinese Theater 3 credits

Chinese 426: Advanced Modern Chinese I 3 credits

Chinese 427: Advanced Modern Chinese II 3 credits

Chinese 432: Media Chinese 3 credits

Chinese 433: Business Chinese 3 credits

Chinese 450: Elementary Classical Chinese 4 credits

Chinese 526: Readings in Modern Chinese Literature I 3 credits

Chinese 527: Readings in Modern Chinese Literature II 3 credits

Chinese 528: Chinese Language in Context 3 credits

Chinese 555: Readings in Classical Chinese Poetry 3 credits

Chinese 575: Syntactic Structures of Chinese 3 credits

Chinese 576: History of the Chinese Language 3 credits

Chinese 577: Chinese Dialectology 3 credits

Chinese 580: Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language 3 credits

Chinese 581: Second Language Acquisition of Chinese 3 credits

Chinese 597D: Confucianism 3 credits

Chinese 597F: Chinese Political Philosophy 3 credits

Chinese 597K: Buddhist and Taoist Literature 3 credits

Chinese 597L: Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 3 credits

Chinese 597M: Ming-Qing Novel I 3 credits

Chinese 597P: Traditional Chinese Drama and Performing Arts 3 credits

Chinese 597Q: Ming-Qing Novel II 3 credits

Chinese 597TC: Text, Commentary, and Transformation in Classical Chinese Thought 3 credits

Chinese 670: Intro to Research Chinese Source Materials 4 credits

History 114: China: Origins - 1600 4 credits

History 115: China: 1600 - Present 4 credits

Total for the Minor in Chinese: 24 credits

Note - Some courses approved and occasionally taught by Chinese program faculty in EALC may not be listed here. Please consult a Chinese program advisor as needed.