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Certificate in Korean

Students taking the Certificate in Korean who start from the beginning level are expected to complete a total of 19 credits of coursework. These 19 credits are divided between 4 beginning- and intermediate-level required courses, and 1 advanced-level elective course. Any students who test out of any of the required courses, according to their proficiency level, must take 15 credit hours in total to qualify for the certificate. Required credit hours will not include credit hours earned through the test. 

Please contact Professor Chan Young Park ( for more information.


I.    REQUIRED COURSES (16 credits)

Korean 115 - Beginning Korean I; 4 credits (Offered in Fall only)
Korean 125 - Beginning Korean II; 4 credits (Offered in Spring only)
Korean 235 - Intermediate Korean I; 4 credits (Offered in Fall only)
Korean 245 - Intermediate Korean II; 4 credits (Offered in Spring only)

II.    ELECTIVES (3 credits)

Asian-ST 397C - Advanced Korean; 3 credits*    
Korean 301 - Advanced Korean; 4 credits** (Offered in Fall only)
Korean 302 - Advanced Korean; 4 credits** (Offered in Spring only)
Korean 497F - Advanced Korean: Modern History; 3 credits ***
Korean 497P - Advanced Korean: Premodern History; 3 credits ***
Korean 497C - Korean Language: Literature; 3 credits ***
Korean 497E - Current Issues in Korea; 3 credits ***

* Asian-ST course subject will be changed to Korean. This course is equivalent to Korean 301 offered at Smith College.

** These courses are offered at Smith College only. 
*** 400 level courses are currently offered alternating spring terms. 

Equivalent courses taken outside UMass will be acknowledged, but a minimum of two courses must be taken at UMass.