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Undergraduate Advisors

Majors must see their advisor in order to register for courses.

*Refer questions related to SPIRE to: Marc Cameron, Herter 440,, 413-545-0886.

Chinese Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Enhua Zhang
Herter 340 |          

Linguistics and Chinese

Zhongwei Shen 

Note - Professor Shen has retired from the university. The contact information for the Linguistics & Chinese Major will be updated shortly.

Japanese Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Steve Forrest
Herter 441 |   

Reiko Sono
Herter 331 |  

Linguistics and Japanese

Yuki Yoshimura
Herter 329 |


Chan Young Park
Herter 535 |

Graduate Program Directors

*Refer questions related to SPIRE to: Marc Cameron, Herter 440,, 413-545-0886.


Elena Chiu
Herter 333 |                    


Bruce Baird
Herter 439 | 

Honors Program Directors


Enhua Zhang
Herter 340 |


Reiko Sono
Herter 331 |

Language Program Directors


Zhijun Wang
Herter 337 |


Yuki Yoshimura
Herter 329 |

Campus Advising Resources

Humanities & Fine Arts Advising Center (Academic Dean's Office)

E-20 Machmer Hall 413-545-6152

Visit the HFA Advising Center with questions regarding the following issues:

  • Adding or dropping courses, Late Withdrawal, Course Repeat
  • Pass/fail regulations
  • Implications of requesting an incomplete
  • Academic standing concerns
  • Appeals of academic suspensions or dismissals
  • Releasing semester and credit holds
  • Verification of satisfactory academic progress for Financial Aid
  • Requests to withdraw from the University
  • Credit Overload (to request an increase in your credit limit.)
  • Ten semester Limit Override

Career Services

Website: Career Services
Caroline L Gould, Assistant Director, Career Planning
Goodell Building, Rm 511