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Undergraduate Research Seminar Projects

Portraits, Power, and Persuasion: Chuck Close Photographs and Roman Portraiture

This project developed out of Prof. Laetitia La Follette’s Spring 2015 seminar on Roman Portraiture. It is the latest in a series of collaborations between faculty and students in the Department of the History of Art & Architecture at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University Museum of Contemporary Art (UMCA).

Modernizing Sculpture from Canova to Duchamp

Presenting more than a dozen statuettes from the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum’s collection, this exhibition invites viewers to experience a century of European and American sculpture, dating from 1890 to 1990. The works have been selected and researched by Dr. Gülru Çakmak and her students in the seminar “Modernizing Sculpture from Canova to Duchamp,” offered at UMass Amherst in fall 2016. Through a semester-long study of these small-scale and tabletop sculptures, students made fascinating discoveries worth sharing beyond the classroom. You can find their final essays at the course website: