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Alumni Spotlight: Jon Carfagno

Jon Carfagno MA ‘05 is the Executive Director at the Hickory Museum of Art in Hickory, North Carolina. The museum’s newest exhibition, “Juan Logan: Creating and Collecting” opened to the public on Saturday, January 18th, 2020. The exhibition features Logan’s own artwork along with pieces from the Logan Family Collection, including works by Jasper Johns and Elizabeth Catlett, bringing both groups of artwork together in conversation with one another. In addition to the stimulating experience of comparing a wide variety of artworks, the exhibition demonstrates how art can open constructive dialogue about issues that are relevant to the community, such as labor inequality, geographic displacement, and power/racial constructs. The exhibition aims to highlight the process of creating art with the inviting nature that art brings, sparking empathy and discussion within Hickory’s community. Programming for the exhibition includes panel discussions and talks with Logan, guided tours of the gallery, and workshops to deepen the understanding of the artwork.

Hickory Museum of Art bases its core beliefs on communication, inclusivity, and the value of the creative process, ideals that Jon Carfagno believes are in line with that of the community. In addition, he attributes the rewarding aftermath of the connections inspired by exhibitions like “Juan Logan: Creating and Collecting” to the intensive labor behind its preparations. The art historical and curatorial practices that are used to put the exhibition together go hand in hand with the museum’s civic engagement efforts, bringing new interpretations and experiences to its visitors. 

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