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Nicole Fletcher

Nicole Fletcher '10 BA

I am currently the Collections Manager at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I also have my own small business as a Social Media Manager specializing in arts organizations and am pursuing a Master’s degree part-time. But before all of that I graduated from UMass with a Bachelor’s in Art History.

Late nights writing about the International Style, yearly field trips to the Met, laughing over Medieval bestiaries, and discussions over the most effective way to catalogue Viking artifacts all helped me discover my passion for art history. In the classroom, I learned how fascinating art can be and how to communicate its nuances to various groups of people. Other opportunities, such as internships at the campus galleries and working at the Image Collection Library built my practical skills for a future in museums. Combined with networking, which is important in every field, I finally made it to my dream job.

Art history has a reputation of being a non-employable degree, however that certainly was not the case for me! Through various volunteer and temporary positions in the museum field and the experience gained at UMass, I have been able to find a role I truly love.