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Major Requirements for Students Entering the University Fall 2019 or Later

The major requires a minimum of 13 courses (39-41 credits) in History of Art and Architecture distributed as follows:

  • Two (2) 100-level surveys (100, 110, 115, 116, 118)

  • At the upper level (200 and above), majors must take at least one (1) course in each of following three (3) time periods and four (4) geographical areas, and their electives may be in an area of focus, should they so choose.

    • Time periods*

      • Ancient/medieval

      • Early modern through nineteenth century

      • Twentieth to twenty-first century

    • Geographical areas*

      • Africa and Middle East

      • Europe and the Mediterranean

      • Asia and the Pacific

      • Americas

​​​​​​​*In case of overlaps (like Orientalism 1000-2000 CE) a student may count the course once, but only once in either area.  The choice is for the student to make, but courses may not be counted twice toward distribution requirements.

  • Three (3) upper-level (200 and above) electives in History of Art and Architecture

  • Art-Hist 370:  The Department’s Junior Year Writing Course.  All majors must take the course in the fall semester of the Junior year.

  • Art-Hist 415: Methods of Art History. Majors must take the Department’s Integrative Experience course to complete General Education requirements.

There is no mandatory sequence for meeting the above requirements; when and how to take the above requirements will vary depending on student interests, plan, and schedule.  However, students should meet with their History of Art & Architecture advisor on a regular basis to ensure that requirements are being met in a timely and effective way.