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Learning Objectives

Learning Objective 1: Historical Understanding – Overall comprehension of the fields of the History of Art and Architecture, including familiarity with diverse geographical world traditions, cultures, historical periods, works of art and architecture, their producers and users; establishing awareness of how these have been defined by the discipline and other forces.

Learning Objective 2: Methods – The ability to employ new and established theoretical methods from the Humanities and beyond to analyze art and architecture. Employment of methods in a creative and critical way expressed through writing, speaking and other intentional means.

Learning Objective 3: Research – Conversance with research methods, including ability to use foreign languages, conduct archival research, analyze works in situ. Cognizance of the means and materials which have produced such works.

Learning Objective 4: Professionalism – Development of careers through teaching and internships establishing skills in pedagogy, curating, archiving, collections management, public engagement and other related endeavors.

Learning Objective 5: Collegiality – Foster respectful working relationships with all encountered at the University and for life emphasizing ethical awareness, leadership, and fair treatment of colleagues and all collaborators.

Learning Objective 6: Engagement – Working with the public to foster better understanding of art and architecture and these disciplines’ roles in the world in keeping with the inclusive values of a land-grant university.