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Graduate Students

Julia Bender

Interests: Islamic and Medieval art, specifically portraiture and manuscripts

Andy Bowers

Major: Baroque/Renaissance
Minor: Latin American 

Yi-Lin Cheng

Interests: British art, craft history, history of collecting, and taste in art

Nicholas Dahle

Interests: Chinese ink painting and ceramics, Buddhist art, Japanese art, architecture and garden design

Olivia Englehart


Major: East Asian
Minor: Undecided 

Jackson Goode

Interests: Roman Imperial portraiture; diversity, race, and "other"ness in the Roman world; relationships between provincial peoples and Rome; art education and training methodologies; the rise of neoclassical imagery in 19th century Europe; provenance research on antiquities

Minna Heaton

Major: Ancient Roman
Minor: Undecided

Jill Hughes

Major: Modern/Contemporary 
Minor: 19th Century European

Cecily Hughes

Interests: Humor in art as a force for coping, critique and change, with an emphasis in the art of medieval Europe and the medieval and early modern Islamic world; and medieval games and play

Yonatan Levia

Major: Modern/Contemporary
Minor: Architecture

Emerald Lucas

Interests: Medieval art with a focus on manuscripts depicting occultism, pagan and folkloric traditions, and medieval visions of hell and demonology

Ana Moctezuma Cruz

Major: Latin American 
Minor: Modern & Contemporary

Isabel Ruiz Cano

Interests: Visual culture and colonization, modern/contemporary art in the Americas, critical archival theory

Samit Sinha

Interests: Influence of psychology, biology, and related sciences on Modernist art and architecture; the use of broad and intersecting methodologies to approach art, artists, and audiences

Annie Sollinger

Major: Medieval
Minor: Modern

Anita Zia

Interests: Post-colonialism in the long 18th century, power structures such as the British Empire, and cross-cultural exchanges in Persia