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Artificial Selections: Art, Natural History, and the Taxonomy of the Museum

Please join the University of Massachusetts Amherst History of Art and Architecture graduate students for the 19th Annual Mark Roskill Symposium in Art History, Artificial Selections: Art, Natural History, and the Taxonomy of the Museum. The symposium will consist of a lecture, panel discussion, and exhibition tour that will illuminate the ways in which a shared history of curiosity, collection and categorization influences, informs, enhances or problematizes our study of art and science. The keynote talk will be given by Assistant Professor of Architecture and History, Elisa Kim of Smith College. Additionally, commentary from panelists Rachel Jirka, College Archivist at Amherst College; Elizabeth Bradley, Program Coordinator at the Emily Dickinson Museum; and Cheryl Harned, a PhD candidate in the Department of History at the University of Massachusetts will make for a fascinating discussion.