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Parties Weren't Meant to Last

Curated by Jenny Vogel

Parties Weren’t Meant To Last is a one evening only group exhibition including works by students of the University of Massachusetts NYPOP class. NYOP is a course that brings students to New York to meet with professionals in the arts and to explore the variety of exhibitions and experiences the city has to offer. The ten students in this exhibition reflect on the multitude and diversity of experiences that confronted them in transit from Massachusetts to New York and within the city itself.

The works in this exhibition, reflect the artists relationship to place and the transitions between. Through the process of making, the artists attempt to comprehend the ways in which they encounter the city. How can an object investigate the substance of New York, how can we concretize the notion of the transit from the familiar to the not-so-familiar? Ephemeral and in-progress, the photographs, re-purposed objects, drawings, videos and performances reproduce the assemblage of experiences and discoveries of the artists. The works on display are experimental, playful and true to each artist’s self, ensuring that, even if parties weren’t meant to last, they leave a lasting impression.

Artists included in the exhibition: Taylor Benoit, Chenda Cope, Jackeline De La Rosa, Allie Fox, Astha Gupta, Alec Hills, Olga Holmberg, Quinn Liu, Grace Vo, Chaehee Yoon

November 30, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
526 W 26th Street Suite 314
New York, NY 10001