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Digital Print Center


The Digital Print Center focuses on printmaking and its relationship to photography and new media. The Digital Print Center is an innovative production studio that strives to reduce the distance between old and new technologies and artistic genres.

The Digital Print Center Policy Statement
The purpose of this policy is to set guidelines for the use of the resources of the  Digital Print Center, located within the Studio Arts Building and operated by the Department of Art. The mission of the Center is to provide large format archival digital printing and support to students of the Department of Art in the creation of original artworks. Access to the Center and its equipment is restricted to students, staff, and faculty of the Department of Art.
The Digital Print Center will print only on materials supplied by the Center


The Digital Print Center will provide archival quality prints to undergraduate and graduate art students. Undergraduate students currently enrolled in a class where large format printing is required and Graduate students affiliated with the Department of Art have the privilege to collaborate with designated printmaking faculty and or the technician in the printing of archival works in the Digital Print Center. The Digital Print Center will make every effort to work in collaboration with the artist and complete the print job while the artist is present. The Digital Print Center has the right to refuse any request including excessive multiple prints. (See pricing guidelines below)


All prints, including test prints, are the financial responsibility of the student artist. All charges must be prepaid before prints are made. Student artists will see a chart listing charges and will be given a receipt of these charges once payment is received and before printing. (See pricing guidelines below)


The Digital Print Center will delete ALL files relating to a print request after a printing job is completed. Only labeled CD’s-R, DVD’s-R or USB thumb drives will be accepted for printing.

  • It is the responsibility of the artist to properly label all materials left in the Digital Print Center with the artists name and contact information.
  • It is the responsibility of the artist to create a back up of all files that may be left for printing at the Digital Print Center.
  • It is the responsibility of the student artist to pick up prints within 3 days of the completion date. The Digital Print Center will make every effort to work in collaboration with the student artist and complete the print job while the student is present. If the prints must be left, the 3-day limit applies. The Digital Print Center cannot serve as a storage facility for prints. The condition of the prints not collected within three days of the completion date cannot be guaranteed. Prints that are not picked up or are refused will belong to the Digital Print Center and we will be able to use it for any purpose.
  • It is the responsibility of the student artist to provide the appropriate materials to safely transport the completed prints away from the Digital Print Center (portfolio, tube, glassine, etc.)


The mission of the Digital Print Center is to provide, to its full capabilities, digital printing support for art students of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. However, if in this process the content of the images or data is deemed inappropriate or is requested for purposes other than the production of art; the service requested may be denied. Neither the Digital Print Center or the Department of Art will censor or prevent any credible works of art from being created.

Contact: To arrange for a printing session e-mail Mikael Petraccia

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