Printmaking has undergone a transformation in the last decade, integrating digital technologies into traditional practices. Courses in the printmaking discipline provide students with knowledge and skill to explore a range of technical and expressive approaches necessary for the contemporary artist.    

Printmaking faculty in the Department of Art encourage students to become equally proficient with analog and digital reproductive processes. Students of printmaking learn to move fluidly between traditional techniques—lithography, intaglio, relief, and silkscreen—and photographic and digital technologies.

Our courses combine rigorous inquiry and research into the means, methods, and practice of image making, providing a solid foundation in technical, conceptual, and critical approaches. Combining analytical thought with hands-on technique enables students to realize and expand their individual ideas and interests.

All BFA students complete a senior thesis project in their final year, combining a cohesive exhibition or screening of work, a significant piece of writing, and an oral defense, all directed by a faculty committee.  Faculty also provide support to students wishing to engage in practicums and internships, both inside and outside the university.

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