December 6, 2023
Caption: Students gather for Steiner and Riesto’s lecture. (Image: Meg Vickery)
untold_stories lecture
Henriette Steiner and Svava Riesto discuss their book, Untold Stories. (Image: Meg Vickery)

Women, Gender and Architecture in Denmark: A Panel Discussion

On November 10, 2023, UMass welcomed Henriette Steiner and Svava Riesto, authors of Untold Stories: Women, Gender, and Architecture in Denmark, for a panel discussion based on their book, which tells a new story about twentieth-century architecture in Denmark. 

For the first time ever, readers get an overall picture of the key contribution made by women to the architecture of Danish welfare society in the period 1930–1980. The book’s five chapters present hitherto untold stories about how architecture comes into being through creative collaborations that cut across genders and professional disciplines. Women have contributed to all aspects of architecture, from kitchens and buildings to landscape architecture and urban planning, and their stories highlight the hidden diversity that has shaped Denmark’s buildings, cities and landscapes. 

The authors stress the importance of this diversity must be understood and appreciated in the present if we are to create new ways of living and building in the future – a pressing need in light of the many crises we face as a society today.

This event was sponsored in part by The Western MA AIA and the History of Art & Architecture Department.